Gratitude to our EXCELerate2024 Attendees. Thank you for your Accolades!

“This was the first time I ever attended a EXCELerate2024 and it was mind blowing!  Especially the wonderful mix and diversification of workshop and plenary sessions topics were amazing, ranging from professional, spirituality, fun and sustainability. All panellists were in their own right, top tier, with lots to share, experienced and motivating.  The venue, was excellent, with all its amenities and meals. 

The only challenge I had was which one of the workshops to choose in between the plenary sessions. 

The booth area was nicely organized, which was possible to visit during the breaks. It was a jam packed conference with exciting subjects. Not to forget energizing sessions in between, singing, entertainment and movement. 

I can only recommend attending the next one, it shall not be missed. An unforgettable adventure into the world of Growing your Business, Growing yourself.”

Hulya Kurt, Career & Family Coach, Facilitator, Mentor – Innkick and OWIT International President

“Attending EXCELerate2024 was an empowering experience! The conference brought together inspiring speakers and valuable networking opportunities, all geared towards propelling women in business forward. It felt like a family and tribe of well intended women who make a difference. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow professionally and personally.”

– Dr. Sister Jenna

“I’m still riding the high from the incredible vibes at the EXCELerate2024 Conference last week. It was truly an uplifting experience.

From the moment I arrived, the energy was palpable. As both an attendee and an exhibitor, I felt fully immersed in an environment that was all about empowerment and inclusion. The speakers were not only inspiring but also very relevant to the challenges and opportunities we face as women in business today. Each session seemed to build on this momentum, making us feel more connected and empowered.

One aspect that really resonated with me was the strong sense of community. It’s amazing how when we come together, share our stories, and support each other, we can elevate the entire group to new heights. This experience has definitely cemented my desire to remain an active part of this empowering community. I believe more people should know about and participate in this transformative event. 

Looking forward to next year’s conference already.”

— Rasha Moursy, PSM, ITIL, Managing partner, ServiceNow Engagements, Customizo

“We have had the privilege of attending all the EXCELerate Conferences. Having attended conferences all over the world, some conferences as good – but none were better than EXCELerate! They are always thought provoking speakers that resonate for months after attending. The sessions open our team’s minds to opportunities, as well as challenging us to be better citizens of the world.
Thank you again, for another outstanding conference!”

– Diane L. McCurdy, CFP, Chief Executive Officer, McCurdy Financial Planning Inc.

“Congratulations to the innovative Barbara Mowat – GroYourBiz Ltd. President and Founder,  for an incredible and dynamic gathering at the EXCELerate2024 platform. The conference brought together inspirational innovators, disruptors, world leaders, visionaries, activists and creative entrepreneurs from across Canada and internationally.

As an online participant, I am delighted that I, and other women from the GlobalWIIN community, had the opportunity to benefit from the space Barbara created for exchanging ideas, forming powerful partnerships, and gaining practical tools for growth. Thank you for your tenacity in building such a worthwhile platform!

— Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA, CEO, GlobalWIIN

“I attended the EXCELerate2024 conference as a speaker and a delegate. Wow! So impactful! Every aspect was perfect – from the venue, to the plenary sessions, to the breakout sessions, right down to the little details. The Pan Pacific team took great care and attention, and the conference organizing committee and volunteers created an amazing experience. Bravo Barbara Mowat and team!”

— Deb Alcadinho, Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Business 4 Social Good

“I couldn’t have been more excited to attend the EXCELerate2024 conference this year. My expectations for what this conference brought were absolutely and completely surpassed. The quality of the speakers, the level of innovation and leadership and the ability to create such meaningful dialogue amongst such incredible and powerful women was truly inspiring. A must attend for any woman who believes in the value of connection, collaboration and doing what we do best – lifting each other up.
Thank you for having the vision and foresight to create such a timely and important event. You truly have a gift in connecting others and allowing us to do what we all do best.”

— Shahana Alibhai, Dr. Shahana

“In an effort to raise the profile for my business and the good work we can do for companies, having the opportunity to speak at a conference will do wonders to increase my exposure and authority. Thank you for helping another woman business owner grow!”

— Jennifer Kelly, Founder & CEO, New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

“GroYourBiz is all about collaboration: within each Board, across the member community, and amongst the Chairs and leadership. The support and expertise are phenomenal and the Chairs session at EXCELerate2024 was a shining example. Invaluable sharing of insights and best practices from both Crystal D’Cunha and Christy Martin. Thank you for bringing us all together, Barbara!”

— Angelika Vance, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Ondine Biomedical Inc.

“Huge bouquets to you all for hosting a stellar conference. The intentions, heart and relentless work that you put into crafting a one-of-a-kind event was very much recognized and applauded. Well done!”

— Catherine Gardiner, GroYourBiz Chair and Tēlōs Enterprises