“AI: The Global Game Changer Disrupting the Norm…how to leverage safe AI?”

Speaker: Dr. Suhayya (Sue) Abu-Hakima, Co-Founder & CEO, Alstari Corp



Moderator: Indira Gajusingh, Senior Manager, Strategy, Execution & External Partnerships, BMO Bank of Montreal

The world is now full of thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs whose innovative ideas and approaches to Artificial Intelligence range from “A Call to Arms on AI, to the monetization of AI” offering insights gleaned from their global knowledge and research as it relates to the commercialization of AI and how businesses are ushering in bold new ways of doing business with global implications and impacting society. While innovative ideas approached in health care fields are making tremendous breakthroughs and provide new ways to save lives, the commercialization of AI will continue to bring significant global changes to society.

Do we need to ask “Are we SAFE in an AI world? Can AI and Humanity both exist?” How do we adapt with regulations, laws, treaties among nations to make AI safe and aligned with human endeavors? Is it too late to slow down and explore so we can minimize the danger? Biden has passed an executive order on AI, the EU has passed regulations on AI and now Canada is preparing its AI response with Bill C27. Healthcare and Climate Change is where AI can potentially help humanity. Is the “Research and Design of Intelligent Agents”….Good or Harmful for us? What if humans lose control? What lessons can we take from tech entrepreneurs? Are they heretics or heroes of their AI innovation stories?

Author and successful AI Tech Entrepreneur Dr. Suhayya (Sue) Abu-Hakima will share her story and ask if you can be the hero of your entrepreneurial journey with or without AI?

*Note* This session will not be part of the Virtual Attendance nor recorded.