Dealing with Labour Shortage and Attracting Talent

Moderator: Darrien (Dee) McWatters, Author, Philanthropist, Advocate and Activist for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Canada is among many nations facing a significant labour shortage, as it is well known that almost a million job vacancies was recorded in February 2023. This shortage has been attributed to various factors, such as an aging population, declining birth rates, reduced immigration, and the shift to remote work. Among the most affected sectors are healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and food service industries. The struggle for many businesses is how to find the right talent locally and/or how to look internationally at untapped talent pools such as immigrants and skilled refugees.

Join our panel connecting with experts and peers to collectively explore how businesses are authentically addressing the issue.

Take Aways:

  • Concrete examples of innovative recruitment strategies and how to access untapped talent pools to address labour shortages.
  • Demystifying the immigration system to make international recruitment more accessible for all employers to include as part of their HR toolkit.
  • Advantages of building a diverse workforce for team morale, as well as a recruitment and retention strategy.