“Restoring Leadership: From Exhaustion to Empowerment”

Moderator: Marg Hachey, GYB Managing Director, ON & Eastern Canada

Overarching goal of this interactive session is to reinforce the importance of intentionally designing and living a life that reflects meeting the holistic needs of Leaders. In their quest to be of service to clients, teams, and their families, Leaders often inadvertently miss the integrating critical elements that help ensure that they also are being of service to self.   Effective value creation is dependent on a sustainable approach to value mobilization.   Depleted, burned out leaders impact not only their health but also their ability to efficiently  mobilize their value offerings.   As the critical source of fuel for their value offerings, it is imperative that leaders consciously integrate thoughts, activities and habits that will optimize both their business performance and well-being.

This session will highlight effective tactics that leaders can employ to:

  • Revive and restore their full potential
  • influence a mindset that helps ensure that the needs of the leader as instruments of change are intentionally integrated into daily life
  • empower self and others to develop value-aligned action plans for business and life
  • catalyze behaviour that supports the optimization of both personal goals and business goals

This workshop will be co-led by two seasoned leaders:  one is an award-winning business leader/ lawyer and consultant, and the other is a former healthcare administrator and an executive coach.  The session will draw upon a combination of evidence informed practices and research that supports the development of leadership competencies and skills and promotes leader well-being.