Angelika Vance is the Vice President, Corporate Communications at Ondine Biomedical Inc., the global leader in photo disinfection, a revolutionary approach to rapidly eliminate infection-causing pathogens without adverse side effects or generating antimicrobial resistance.  She made the switch from telecom to biomedical in early 2018 after learning of the urgent need for an alternative to antibiotics and the powerful efficacy of Ondine’s photo disinfection.  Angelika is an inspirational leader and creative problem-solver who translates vision into reality through intense outcome focus, customer-needs understanding, and strong relationships and close collaboration with stakeholders. Her background spans leadership positions and expertise across customer and product marketing, strategy, business planning, product development, and analytics.  She has a passion for supporting small and medium-sized businesses, which she focused on during her 20 years at TELUS: developing bundles, marketing programs, and customer experience improvements specifically for small and home-based businesses.  Prior to joining TELUS, Angelika was involved with marketing in the industrial product development industry and also spent a number of years in the shopping centre retail industry with Bentall Property Management.  Angelika holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.