Audrey is the Founder/Owner of Orchard Custom Beauty–a full-service beauty product provider. From prestige, retail to mass –working with the world’s most well-known brands. Orchard creates beautiful beauty products at affordable prices with exceptional service. Known as the industry’s best-kept secret, Orchard has helped paved the way in turnkey beauty solutions. With three decades of experience, Orchard’s capabilities extend across all beauty categories to meet any timeline and budget.

In her roles as an Import & Export Compliance Manager, she is a a self-described #TradeGeek, experienced in global shipping, supply chain operations, customs compliance, free trade agreements and international tax. Audrey has facilitated import / export activities in 20+ countries world wide.  She has manage two Logistics Specialists In-house resource on INCOterms, HTS Classification, Free Trade Agreements and VAT tax process.

As a Past President of OWIT in Toronto, she has lead a dynamic board of directors to promote international trade and commerce, establish and expand international business contacts and to help members develop global business skills and stay current on international business issues.