Dr. Carolin Klein is a Registered Psychologist and sex therapist. She is co-founder and co-director of the West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy in Vancouver – a clinic providing evidence-based sex therapy to the province of British Columbia. Her clinical work involves assisting individuals, couples, and other partnership configurations to build and strengthen sexual and relational intimacy; overcome sexual shame and anxiety; and bring more joy and curiosity into sexuality. She regularly provides workshops and presentations to the general public designed to challenge some of our society’s long-held but unhelpful and inaccurate ideas about sexuality, and increase sexual awareness, comfort and pleasure. She is also actively involved in training graduate students and other professionals in evidence-based sex therapy.

Dr. Carolin Klein sees clients through the West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy who are looking for assistance with:

  • Any kind of sexual concerns, including desire discrepancies in couples; sexual pain conditions; sexual difficulties; sexual anxieties; and problematic sexual behaviours.
  • Navigating and exploring new and diverse ways of being sexual (including navigating open relationships; exploring atypical sexual interests; and/or finding new ways of being sexual following physical changes due to a medical condition/medications/surgery).
  • Relationship concerns and enhancing non-sexual intimacy.
  • Emotional distress, including depression, anxiety, grief, dealing with major life changes/stressors, and difficulties regulating emotions.
  • Changing problematic behaviours, including problematic sexual and non-sexual behaviours (e.g., suicidal and self-harm behaviours; skin-picking; substance use; problematic eating).