Sister Dr. Jenna is an acclaimed, trusted spiritual mentor committed to bridging divides in societies and building relationships between global influencers. She has impacted lives around the globe, inspiring change and finding solutions to current day crises as the founder and director of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum, located in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. Sister Dr. Jenna is also the host of the popular America Meditating Radio Show and recipient of the President’s Lifetime National Community Service Award. She is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a group of thought leaders from diverse disciplines in service to conscious evolution and was selected by Empower A Billion Women 2020 as one of 100 most influential leaders of 2015.

She is the author of “Meditation: Intimate Experiences with the Divine through Contemplative Practices,” a profound compilation featuring insights from over 30 contributing authors. She also contributed to “Mr. President – Interfaith Perspectives on the Historic Presidency of Barack H. Obama,” offering her unique spiritual insights on leadership and unity.

​As an acclaimed and trusted spiritual mentor, Sister Dr. Jenna’s efforts to bridge societal divides and cultivate meaningful relationships among global influencers have marked her as a pivotal figure in the realms of spirituality and social change. She has served as the director of the Meditation Museum in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area and is the beloved host of the popular America Meditating Radio Show. Over the last 11 years, she has hosted over 1700 shows, engaging a wide audience in discussions on mindfulness, peace, and personal growth.

​Dr. Sister Jenna’s dedication to service and unity is further demonstrated by her initiatives to plant trees for peace on Capitol Hill and on the grounds of the Pentagon, symbolizing her commitment to healing and environmental stewardship as pathways to global peace.

Her profound impact on society has been recognized with the President’s Lifetime National Community Service Award, and she is a proud member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, where she joins other thought leaders in promoting conscious evolution. Dr. Sister Jenna’s collaborative work with the Oprah Winfrey Network and Values Partnerships on the Belief Team highlights her role as a bridge-builder across diverse spiritual and cultural landscapes.

An Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from St. Thomas Aquinas College acknowledges her tireless dedication to solving critical societal issues. Her influence reaches into the highest echelons of power, evident in her contributions to diversity and inclusion conferences at the Pentagon, the United States Coast Guard, and various federal agencies. Her initiatives, such as producing the “Off to Work” Meditation CD for the Coast Guard and speaking at their historic Diversity Summit, underscore her commitment to fostering inclusive environments. She has graced the cover of various global magazines, and produced with Grammy Winner and composer Ricky Kej the Om Shanti Album.

​Dr. Sister Jenna’s mission remains as relevant as ever—to build bridges, foster trust, and offer clarity and inner strength in challenging times. Her voice is a beacon of hope and healing, drawing together people from all walks of life in a shared journey towards a more peaceful and enlightened world.