Henk Brouwer Rogers is a Dutch-born entrepreneur and cleanenergy visionary who has dedicated the past decade of his life to ending the use of carbon-based fuels.

As the principal and visionary philanthropist of Blue Planet Foundation, Rogers’ efforts led to Hawaii becoming the first state in the nation with a law requiring that 100% of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2045. More than 20 U. S. states and territories have since followed suit with similar renewable energy goals.

Rogers is now focusing beyond Hawaii to help other jurisdictions enact mandates for 100% renewable energy in their regions. His newest initiative, Blue Planet Alliance, takes a “mandate first” approach to initiate global climate change action by creating measurable and scalable results among individuals, organizations, cities, states, countries, and eventually, the world. The Alliance’s mission is to get humanity to become 100% sustainable by 2045, and the vision is to create a world in which humanity and nature live in harmony. In 2022, the Alliance signed Blue Planet Climate Agreements with three UN Member States, one sovereign state, and one US Territory — Kingdom of Tonga, Government of Tuvalu, Republic of Palau, Country of Curacao, and the US Territory of Guam — to help them achieve the 100% renewable-energy transition, and we are determined to sign more agreements in 2024.

He is also the founder of Blue Planet Energy, the leading provider of the most powerful energy storage solutions that power homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. The company’s innovative, non-toxic, fire-safe Blue Ion technology has allowed Rogers to take his own residences off-grid. Blue Ion battery systems are non-combustible, long lasting, efficient, and use environmentally friendly lithium ferrous phosphate.

Rogers is also renowned as a global leader in the gaming industry, having created Japan’s first Role-Playing Game, Black Onyx which was the #1 game in 1984. Rogers is the founder of Tetris Company, who holds the exclusive intellectual property rights to Tetris, one of the world’s most popular video games which has sold over 600 million units to date. Rogers revolutionized the industry when he brought the now legendary game to U.S. and world markets more than three decades ago. His story has been captured in a new movie, “Tetris,” produced by Apple TV Plus, starring Taron Egerton as Rogers The story revisits how Rogers went inside the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War to obtain the rights to Tetris. The movie premiered in March 2023 at SXSW.