Jen Kelly leads New Initiatives Marketing Inc., (NIM) a marketing services company for growing businesses. NIM offers an annual program that starts with strategy, through implementation and execution. Clients get a well-rounded, custom-made marketing presence which aligns with their goals for either more awareness in the market, differentiation in a market of commodities and/or more inquiries into the clients’ business. This is not a quick fix, it is a real fix for sure.

Prior to starting NIM in 2009, Jen gained 17 years of experience in the marketing departments at tier-one companies in Canada and abroad working for brands such as the Financial Times UK in London, Siemens, and Motorola.

Starting in marketing departments back when there were fax campaigns (!!!) Jen has worked through major changes in the industry from “why do we need a website?” to “why do we need to be on social media?” to “how are we going to market through COVID?”. Jen has been consistently and steadily advising NIM’s clients to implement solid marketing processes that can help their companies grow and achieve their business goals.