April 24th | Breakout Session
Franchise Your Business: A Proven Strategy for Growth & Success and
From Conception to Expansion: What it’s really like to be a Franchisor

Two Speakers Share the 90 minutes on Business Growth

Moderator: Catherine Gardiner, President, Telos Enterprises

“Franchise Your Business: A Proven Strategy for Growth & Success”

The global pandemic disrupted traditional business models, prompting entrepreneurs to seek innovative strategies for growth and stability. This presentation will demonstrate why franchising stands out as a strategic approach that enables companies to expand their brand presence, leverage local expertise, and extend their market reach. The presentation will begin by dissecting the fundamental reasons for considering franchising, such as scalability, risk mitigation, and access to capital. It will delve into the tangible benefits of franchising, including accelerated growth, brand recognition, and the power of a dedicated franchisee network. Real-world case studies and success stories will be shared to illustrate these advantages. The session will help entrepreneurs identify whether their business is “franchise-able,” discussing critical factors like a proven concept, operational consistency, and comprehensive training and support systems.

In this presentation, attendees will:

  • Understand why franchising is a strategic choice for post-pandemic entrepreneurship.
  • Discover the advantages of franchising and its potential to drive rapid business expansion.
  • Learn how to evaluate their own business’s suitability for franchising.
  • Gain insights into the steps involved in establishing a successful franchise network.
  • Explore real-world examples of entrepreneurs who have thrived through franchising.

Speaker: Faizun Kamal, CEO, Franchise Pros


“From Conception to Expansion: What it’s really like to be a Franchisor”

Hear from an entrepreneur who has established several franchises in Ontario and discusses her hesitations to franchise. Understand the franchising journey from the inside by learning what it’s really like to go from establishing and growing a business to moving into the role of franchisor.

You will learn from the lived experiences of Cathy Thompson, founder and franchisor of Beyond the Classroom through an interactive Q & A session with Faizun Kamal. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur exploring franchising opportunities or an established franchisor seeking to elevate your franchise to new heights, this workshop provides invaluable insights and practical guidance to support your journey. Join us as we unravel the secrets to franchisor success and embark on a path towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Speaker: Cathy Thompson, Founder & CEO, Master Franchisor, Beyond the Classroom