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Firstly, I want to say how grateful GroYourBiz was to have you attend EXCELerate2024, either In-Person or Virtually. We trust you made new friends, shared laughs, was inspired to learn new strategies, and excited with innovative ideas you will be eager to try. Or perhaps as GYB member Jennifer Kelly, New Initiatives Marketing, has experienced in the past—you were fortunate  to sit beside someone who you will now do business with!

We know that it was not possible to attend all the sessions, so as promised, please click below to view conference sessions to enjoy at your leisure.

We were thrilled to have the global community join us from many different countries and I trust that one day we may all meet In-Person sometime in the future.

EXCELerate2024 gives a BIG Shout Out to BMO the Bank For Women and all the other Sponsors. Without their support,  the conference would not have been possible. And a special thanks to the many Volunteers, the hotel staff who provided us with outstanding service, the AV team, and above all the AMAZING speakers who were First Class with all the knowledge they shared with us.

Lastly, I want to share some of the accolades that have been sent…hopefully the crowd of 287 participants had similar feelings and walked away fulfilled!  Until next time….

Barbara Mowat and the GroYourBiz Team

April 24th | Opening Reception
LIGHT UP YOUR INNER FIRE – “Confidence to Ignite Performance & Thrive Through Change”

With the increasingly faster pace and multiple changes women entrepreneurs and professionals from all sectors have had to adapt to, impactful decisions need to continue to be made following their expertise, skills and knowledge.

April 25th | Opening of Conference
Plenary Session: “Going Global: The Road to Globalization”

Are you considering going global? Do you wonder how to get your business ready for international markets? All sizes of businesses realize that launching their product or solution overseas is a great way to increase their sales and raise the profile of their brand. Learn about the key success factors in export readiness and prepare for entry into global markets.

April 25th | Lunch, Keynote and Plenary Session
“Changemakers Catalyzing Sustainable Global Futures”

Learn how to invest in technologies and strategies for a green planet by identifying tools and techniques that help you outline how to action sustainability initiatives that can support both short-term and long-term business success. Hear from leaders on how they support strategies in a way that is unleashing action across the business, and in turn new growth opportunities.

April 25th | Gala Reception
Advocate for Women and Girls’ Rights and “Empowering Grace: Women, Spirituality, and Leadership in the Modern Era”

Advocating for women and girls’ rights and elevating human consciousness and fostering peace worldwide. This enlightening talk delves into the dynamic interplay between women, spirituality, and leadership, shedding light on how beliefs and practices can empower women in leadership roles across various sectors.

April 26th | Plenary Session
“Access to Capital: Investing with a Gender Lens“

While the topic of “Feminine capital and Feminine leadership” has grown substantially over the past few years, studies show that women business owners still face difficulties in obtaining capital. In this session, the panelists dive deeper into the realities of accessing capital, the latest research and what is available to WBOs.

April 26th | GroYourBiz Awards

Presentation of the following GYB Awards:

  • GroYourBiz Ambassador
  • Global Growth & Innovation
  • SDG Sustainable Business
  • GYB Recognition of an Outstanding Chair
  • Exceptional GYB Member Award
  • President’s Award

April 26th | Closing Remarks and Raffle Draws
Final Entertainment

Closing Remarks from Barbara Mowat and Pamela Martin with Raffle Prize draws.  The conference was closed by a performance The Della Kit and Jojo Zolina.


April 25th | Breakout Session
Dealing with Labour Shortage and Attracting Talent

Canada is among many nations facing a significant labour shortage, as it is well known that almost a million job vacancies was recorded in February 2023.  Join our panel connecting with experts and peers to collectively explore how businesses are authentically addressing the issue.

April 25th | Breakout Session
ESG – The Path forward to Sustainability as an Essential Element to Business Growth and Value

Did you know that GLOBAL ESG assets are on track to exceed $50T by 2025?  Join us for a thought-provoking journey, connecting with experts and peers to collectively shape a responsible future.

April 25th | Breakout Session
Franchise Your Business: A Proven Strategy for Growth & Success and
From Conception to Expansion: What it’s really like to be a Franchisor

The global pandemic disrupted traditional business models, prompting entrepreneurs to seek innovative strategies for growth and stability. This presentation will demonstrate why franchising stands out as a strategic approach. Hear from an entrepreneur who has established several franchises in Ontario and discusses her hesitations to franchise.

April 25th | Breakout Session
Parallel Paralysis in the Boardroom & the Bedroom: Overcoming the 2 Biggest Barriers to the Successful Pursuit of our Passions

Our companies and employees do not exist in a silo and neither do we. We take what happens in the office to our home and just as commonly, the stressors of our home into our work. Shame, and Anxiety play an ENORMOUS role in holding us back: in the boardroom AND in the bedroom!

April 25th | Breakout Session
Unleash Leadership by Harnessing Your Uniqueness

In this interactive session, learn the key ingredient to overcome self-doubt and operate from confidence. Knowing who you are, what you are good at, how to communicate effectively and build collaborative relationships can be easier than you imagine. Tapping into your zone of genius can unleash the best leader you can be.

April 26th | Breakout Session
Design Thinking for Global Competitiveness: Unleashing Innovation and
Redesigning Conflict: Build Your Conflict Competency and Have Successful Discussions

This presentation/workshop explores how design thinking can empower businesses to enhance their competitiveness and drive success on a global scale along with exploring the strategies employed by professional Mediators to manage individuals in conflict and facilitate constructive dialogue.

April 26th | Breakout Session
Elevator Pitches That Wow Buyers

Did you know that 86% of buyers don’t see any difference between vendors?* Did you also know that it takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression? Fortunately, there is a formula to impressing buyers and leaving a lasting impression during those networking events and Sales Meetings.

April 26th | Breakout Session
From Hive to High Rise: Blueprints for Leadership Brilliance; How to turn Compassion into Cash Flow in 100 Days

In this session, we delve into the art of turning compassion into cash flow within 100 days, drawing parallels between the natural world and the corporate realm. Discover how embracing diversity, nurturing trust, and fostering a culture of empathy and understanding can elevate your leadership and business from the ground up.

April 26th | Breakout Session
Kick Start, Finish and Execute Your Marketing Strategy For Your Most Successful Year in Business Yet and
Sprinkle Some Charisma Into Your Leadership!

Have you grown your firm to a certain level on primarily sales-led initiatives but now things are starting to plateau? It may be time to make a more serious investment in marketing. But where do you start? Start with Strategy First. This presentation explores the art of developing charisma as a key attribute for effective leadership.

April 26th | Breakout Session
Wholeness: The Key to Effective Leadership and
Chasing Rainbows in the Sunset Career: Finding Wholeness (and Pots of Gold)

Leadership is a complex and demanding role that requires a lot from those who take it on. In order to be successful, leaders need to be whole. Being whole means being fully integrated, authentic, and balanced in all aspects of your life. In this session, we will explore the significance of wellness in becoming a whole leader and in choosing a meaningful rainbow to chase.