Two Speakers Share the 90 minutes Session


Moderator: Tara Hartley, Regional Director, Public Services and Procurement Canada in Pacific Region


“Design Thinking for Global Competitiveness: Unleashing Innovation and Driving Success”

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive global landscape, organizations need to embrace design thinking as a strategic tool for innovation and staying ahead. This presentation/workshop explores how design thinking can empower businesses to enhance their competitiveness and drive success on a global scale. Through practical examples and real-time exercises, attendees will gain insights into the transformative power of design thinking and its impact on organizational growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to design thinking and its relevance in the global context
  • Understanding the key principles and mindset of design thinking
  • Exploring the stages of the design thinking process
  • Applying design thinking to solve complex business challenges
  • Leveraging design thinking to foster innovation and creativity
  • Examining successful examples of design-driven organizations
  • Strategies for integrating design thinking into the organization’s culture

Speaker: Yamilca Rodriguez, CEO, Bespoke Branding Agency. TEDx Speaker, Podcaster, Best Selling Author and Brand Therapist



“Redesigning Conflict: Build Your Conflict Competency and Have Successful Discussions”

In both personal and professional situations, we often encounter challenging discussions and difficult individuals that can hinder effective communication and problem-solving. The anxiety and unease associated with these situations can impede our ability to manage ourselves and others constructively. While conflict is normal, the key lies in equipping ourselves with the skills to navigate these challenging conversations and transform conflicts into opportunities for collaboration and understanding. This presentation focuses on exploring the strategies employed by professional Mediators to manage individuals in conflict and facilitate constructive dialogue.

By dissecting the core principles and techniques I use, participants will gain valuable insights into conflict resolution that can be applied in professional and personal contexts. Attendees will learn how to foster cooperation, encourage collaboration, and ultimately reach mutual understanding.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your Personal Conflict Strategy Roadmap You Can Use Any Time/With Anyone
  • An Assertion Technique For Courage and Confidence when Feeling The Pressure of Conflict
  • A Secret Mediation Strategy Used to Manage Difficult People

Speaker: Brenda Hooper, Founder and Principal at Discussions by Design Training & Coaching Services