April 26th | Breakout Session
Kick Start, Finish and Execute Your Marketing Strategy For Your Most Successful Year in Business Yet and
Sprinkle Some Charisma Into Your Leadership!

Moderator:  Michelle Ricketts, GYB Chair, CEO

“Kick Start, Finish and Execute Your Marketing Strategy For Your Most Successful Year in Business Yet”

Have you grown your firm to a certain level on primarily sales-led initiatives but now things are starting to plateau? It may be time to make a more serious investment in marketing. But where do you start? Start with Strategy First.

Strategy First is our 60-day proven marketing strategy process. In this presentation you’ll learn what it is, what’s involved and how to do it yourself. In this engaging presentation, learn the 7 points of a marketing strategy, and what each entails and leave the session with the confidence you’ve just learned the proven marketing strategy process thousands of North American companies use


New Initiatives Marketing YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Newinitiativesmarketing/videos


“Sprinkle Some Charisma Into Your Leadership!”

This presentation explores the art of developing charisma as a key attribute for effective leadership. Charisma is dissected into three essential components: Presence, Warmth, and Power. Through an engaging power point presentation, interactive exercises and a guided visualisation, participants will learn practical strategies to enhance each aspect and become more charismatic leaders.

  • In the first section, “How to Improve Presence,” attendees will grasp the significance of body language, active listening, and power behaviours in cultivating a commanding presence.
  • The second section, “How to Improve Warmth,” delves into empathy, authenticity, and relationship building as core elements of warmth.
  • In the third section, titled “Enhancing Your Power,” attendees will explore the art of leveraging clothing to their advantage, honing their communication skills, and making assertive decisions. We’ll also watch a video featuring Tony Robbins, a charismatic leader, in action as a real-life example.
  • In the final segment, we will delve into the significance of self-confidence. Participants will embark on a guided visualization journey, allowing them to vividly envision themselves exuding charisma and leading with confidence.

Upon concluding the presentation, participants will have the tools and insights needed to create a personal action plan for developing their charisma, ultimately unlocking their leadership potential and driving positive change within their organizations.

Speaker: Natalie Wong, Owner, Image Reflection