“Parallel Paralysis in the Boardroom & the Bedroom: Overcoming the 2 Biggest Barriers to the Successful Pursuit of our Passions”

Moderator: Angelika Vance, Director of Corporate Development at Ondine Biomedical Inc.

Our companies and employees do not exist in a silo and neither do we. We take what happens in the office to our home and just as commonly, the stressors of our home into our work.  And the same barriers women face in a male-dominated business world mirror the barriers women face in a shame-dominated culture around sex: the pressures to not desire “too much” or be too forward; to keep the peace and make sure everyone else is happy; and to behave in certain ways or risk being perceived as “inappropriate” or “aggressive”. Stress, Shame, and Anxiety play an ENORMOUS role in holding us back: in the boardroom AND in the bedroom! Yet our career satisfaction; our most intimate relationships; and our health and well-being are among the most significant predictors of quality of life.

After attending this presentation, participants will:

  1. Feel more empowered to pursue their passions and challenge notions of what it is to be a woman, both in the boardroom and the bedroom.
  2. Have a framework for building self-awareness.
  3. Understand the Science of Emotions
  4. Recognize how women’s bodies, desires, and great sex and intimacy work.
  5. Conceptualize total health using the Optimal Health Pyramid


  • Dr. Carolin Klein, Registered Psychologist and Sex Therapist, West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy in Vancouver
  • Dr. Shahana Alibhai, TEDx Speaker, Family Physician and Mental Health Expert, Dr. Shahana