Two Speaker Groups Share the 90 minutes on Changing and Diversity

Moderator: Crystal D’Cunha, Chief Experience Officer, The INSIDE View Inc.,

“Supplier Diversity Matters”

In this shared session, the Supplier Diversity Alliance of Canada (SDAC) will deliver a provocative look at the social impact of diverse supplier programs in Canada. Joining with Deb Alcadino and her dynamic topic of “The Business of Doing Good is Changing”, SDAC will explore the symbiotic relationship between supplier diversity, corporate social responsibility and ESG. Learn strategies to leverage certification benefits to take advantage of corporate Canada’s commitment to diversifying their supply chains and how sustainability can be directly linked to a company’s growth.

Learning Objectives & Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the positive relationship between corporate social responsibility , ESG and diverse supplier programs in Canada.
  • Recognize the value of diverse supplier programs in driving your business growth and sustainability.
  • Gain insights into the many benefits of being a certified diverse supplier.
  • Learn strategies to capitalize on business opportunities with those corporations that are committed to “buying diverse”.

Presented by: Supplier Diversity Alliance of Canada


  • Cassandra Dorrington, President & CEO, CAMSC (Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council)
  • Kailey Gilchrist, Business Development Manager, Corporate, CGLCC, (Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+Chamber of Commerce)
  • Brad Brohman, Managing Director, IWSCC (Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada)


“The Business of Doing Good is Changing”

This engaging presentation will explore how ‘doing good’ in business is changing and evolving. Social impact, philanthropy, charitable giving, and CSR are changing in the minds of Gen Z’s and millennial consumers and employees as they increasingly seek those prioritizing purpose over profit. The companies that prioritize social impact and community building will succeed; the ones who don’t will be left behind. Discover critical insights for business owners and leaders, and actionable strategies to implement, to ensure they are poised and ready for 2024 and beyond. Learn from industry social impact experts and real-world examples to future-proof and ensure long-term success.

Join us as we delve into the key insights, best practices, and strategies for harnessing social impact investments, prioritizing community-building, and the purpose-led incoming generations, to build the social impact initiatives that inspire all your stakeholders and increase profits. As companies search for their competitive edge in business, seek employee and customer loyalty, and increased profits, the answers lie within social impact and community building. It’s an important message as companies examine their CSR strategies and explore new ways to make a difference in their communities and accomplish business goals.

Learning Objectives & Key Takeaways:

  • How philanthropy and charitable giving have changed and evolved for companies, thanks to the incoming generation’s views and what they care about. And how companies can adapt.
  • To understand the impact of 50% of the workforce being purpose-led Gen Zers and millennials, companies must embrace community building by providing a work experience where learning, growing and taking action are all within reach. And, it needs to span both remote and hybrid work models.
  • How CSR is shifting, and the need for companies to mitigate risk to stay competitive.
  • The need for community-building and social impact to future-proof business.

Speaker:  Deb Alcadinho,  Founder, Chief Impact Officer: Business 4 Social Good